An Introduction to Benartex – Our Exclusive Fabric Supplier

Benartex creates unique fabrics for Quilters and Makers of all types, for all age groups for all skill levels and all print categories. We ARE Quilters.

Benartex was founded in 1980, originally selling specialty fabrics. However, after visiting some quilt shows, Mr. B (Selim Benardete, founder and President of Benartex) “fell in love with quilting,” and eventually changed the Benartex focus to 100% cotton quilting fabrics. The rest is history, as Benartex soon became a name associated with fine quilting fabrics. Mr. B’s commitment to the quilting world, his attendance at quilt shows and his availability to quilters earned him the name “The Quilter’s Friend.” His vision and determination to provide the very best fabrics has made Benartex the number one choice for Quilters., a top 3 supplier in the industry, the largest maker of Pre-Cuts – all Made In America, and we remain the Quilter’s TRUSTED Friend because we NEVER sell our fabrics to the Fabric Chains, Craft Store Chain or Big Box store, and we reprint most fabrics, and we carry stock in our warehouse so focus fabrics can be reordered, and projects completed.

Since its founding, Benartex has been successful in creating a high brand awareness and sales amongst top independent retailers. Our goal is to provide a large selection of beautiful, fine quality cotton prints to the creative women and men worldwide who design and make quilts, crafts, wearable art, and home decorating items.

Kanvas Studio was added to bring novelty/conversational fabric prints to the product offering. Kanvas means tons of fun and loads of novelty prints to make you smile. These prints can be used for home decorating, making fun and fashionable accessories, and great gifts for the entire family, including pets! Brilliant color and trendy designs are a Kanvas trademark.

Inspired by the runways, the trendy street kiosks of Soho, by the colors, lights and music of the city, the Contempo studio was born. The contemporary and modern fabric collections means fresh, new sophisticated and trend setting design. Contempo’s Manhattan inspired prints really add a unique addition to the Benartex fabric world. Perfect for the modern chic home, Contempo fabrics are perfect for Quilting, Making Accessories like purses, bags, backpacks, Apparel, Crafting Projects, even Home Décor.

 Benartex launched its social media presence, creating new connections to the consumer and presenting innovative marketing campaigns to connect directly with end consumers while tapping into the latest social media and digital platforms to increase sales, inspire followers and build deeper connections with customers.